GMA Warehousing and Transport and its management team are committed to the health and safety of its employees, customers and anyone else that may be affected by its activities.

It recognises that the company has a commitment to a safe and risk free working environment, and acknowledges that health and safety is a business function that must continually develop and adapt to change. Safety is the responsibility of everyone within the organisation and is not only a function of management.

Our most valuable asset is our people; by working together to continuously improve Health and Safety we can ensure that everyone operates in a risk-free environment and goes home safe.

The GMA approach to health and safety is based on the identification and control of risk and a commitment to the prevention of injury and ill health.
A positive safety culture is encouraged within the organisation and will be actively supported by senior management.

Responsibility for Safety

The responsibility for safe working rests with the management and supervisor of each workplace.
All employees have a responsibility to:

  • Take reasonable care of the safety of themselves and other persons who may be affected by their actions at work
  • Highlight any potential un-safe working practices or concerns and co-operate with their employers to enable provisions to be enforced

Our safety representative is available for advice on any matters relating to Health and Safety.